Pyreworks Is Destroying Our Nation!

by Pyreworks

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"Nuclear Casket" was originally recorded on the Voltage Corpse EP

"Bolt Action Deliverance" goes out to every Conservative who values their guns over our lives.

© Pyreworks 2019


released May 17, 2019

Ezra Blumenfeld - Guitars, vocals, drum programming
Ottar Blumenfeld - Bass, vocals

Produced and mixed by Ezra and Ottar Blumenfeld

Art direction by Ezra and Ottar Blumenfeld

Artwork by Jax Kelly

Logo by Izzy Huebner Gloege

Music and lyrics by Ezra and Ottar Blumenfeld, except the post-solo and outro in "Splintering Agony," which is basically just plagiarism.


all rights reserved



Pyreworks Saint Paul, Minnesota

Not very good melodic death metal.

Ezra Blumenfeld - Guitars, vocals, drum programming

Ottar Blumenfeld - Bass, vocals

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Track Name: Sledgehammer Jaw Removal
A man in pursuit went to find his dog
A mutt that was bred for disemboweling hogs
With a wrench in one hand and a screwdriver in the other
He set off to deappendicise his brother
With blood dripping from his swollen spine
He quickly found his faithful canine
His right hand clutched his trusty screwdriver
Out came the jawless brother; barely a survivor

Sledgehammer jaw removal!
Cat’s got your tongue?
Sledgehammer jaw removal!
Fire in your lung
Sledgehammer jaw removal!
Toxic inhalation
Sledgehammer jaw removal!
National devastation

A seller’s realtor from Dubai
Never had the chance to say goodbye
He was struck with a falling axe
All his life insurance money went to funeral tax
The world can never live in peace
From the catacombs of Paris to the ruins of Ancient Greece
With the sudden numerous deaths of high political figures
The cure is death; it always lingers


The surgical removal of bodily fluids that are highly viscous
Various insects and arachnids removed from your uraniscus
Car crash scars and scabs that will pick themselves
Trophy rooms for severed limbs where you can find them on the shelves
Cole the stuntman crashed his dirtbike going 90 miles an hour
He hit a jump and flew so dying was his superpower
It was not impact, but bad gag reflex made the children’s idol die
The handlebars went down his throat, the point of life waving him goodbye

Track Name: Malicious Auscultation
Monster with a stethoscope
Forcing motility
Sacrifice and forfeit hope
Doctor has no empathy
Giving in to the blade
Medical weaponry
Maliciously your fate is made

Bone saw with the oral surgeon
Who you see on your deathbed
This was a dental appointment
Now there’s a knife in your head
The office now a mortuary
The light jazz signaling your end
Stabs your anterior pituitary
Death you can now comprehend

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Malicious auscultation
Surgeon comes to visit you
I sacrifice myself to Satan

Strapped down to the dental chair
Now begins your worst nightmare
Terror grips your soul
He takes the drill that you despise
No mercy in his lifeless eyes
He drills a deep hole

Bleeding from your teeth and cheeks
Your shredded flesh his gory feast
He tastes the skin, so wet
He strips your face of all tissue
He doesn’t see what’s the issue
This is your worst appointment yet

An appointment you will not forget

Maliciously he looms so near
Listening to your final heartbeat
You’re in too much pain to feel fear
Your chances obsolete
He licks your blood off his tools
Savoring the salty taste
A dentist who has no rules
Then he brushes your teeth with toothpaste

Track Name: The Ultimate Fear (Phobophobia)
Life can put you in a cell
Through a self-inflicted hell
Being afraid is your fatal flaw
Paranoia has awoken
Forever your soul is broken
Internally anxiety claws

The ultimate fear is reborn
It will leave your life ripped and torn
It will take its toll unto your health
For the only thing to fear is fear itself

You do not know what you will find
When you rip out and eat your mind
Taste the sour cranial juice
Fear takes hold as you dig in
As you peel off your sweaty skin
Overthinking is your self-abuse


To be afraid is your worst fear
It follows you through all your years
It creeps up on you ‘til your death
It culminates in your last breath

Insanity has overcome
From your own mind you’re on the run
Phobophobia is all you are
Trapped behind your mental bars

Track Name: Choking on Teeth
Rip the teeth out of your mouth
Your gums become bleeding spouts
I shove them in handfuls down your throat
Your esophagus begins to bloat
Choking on your own dentatae
Gasp for breath, this is slaughter
The tooth decay just makes it worse
Taste the rot as you cough up blood in bursts

Slit your throat from the inside
You wish you had already died
It lasts longer than that, my friend
You will feel the pain until the end

Death comes in bloody pools
To those who don’t obey the rules
Drowning in your own spit
The inside of your throat is bit
Pus flows out and soon is chewed
Your uvula becomes my food
I reach in and grab your tonsils
Pulling them out through your nostrils


Committing arson with human bones
I sit down to my feast alone
No one to cook for me, my chef is dead
I guess I’ll have to eat raw heads

Bury myself in wisdom teeth
This tomb of molars becomes my sheath
I sacrifice myself to Satan

Track Name: Splintering Agony
My hands are glued to a wooden baseball bat
That is smashing in your face at terminal velocity
Hacking away chunks of your flesh with my favorite chisel
This is so I can satisfy my greed

Splintering agony

Your guts are spilled on the kitchen table
Bullet through your skull at the speed of light
Choking on your vomit, metal box shoved down your throat
Sword-swallowing a chainsaw, puncturing your gut


His dentures are clamped over your mouth
Detached and homeless, struggling to go south
They fuse with your neck in a slobbery feast
You feast your eyes, he feasts his teeth
Drowning in the shower, unaware of what the liquid is
Trapped inside by a door that won’t unlock
You open your mind and in goes Gus
That is when you realize that you’re drowning in pus


Splintered agony
Track Name: Vomitous Organ Rejection
Vomitous organ rejection
Intestines start to drip
Vomitous organ rejection
Feel your body rip

Medical lies
Surgical demise
Puking up entrails
Tied to the rails

Violent transplantation
Puking up your guts
Didn't want that organ
So you spit it up


Vomitous organ rejection
Intestines start to drip
Vomitous organ rejection
Feel your body rip

Track Name: Nuclear Casket
Heat wave melts your brain
Driving you insane
Pressure crushes skulls
Eliminating pulse
You know you're gonna die
Popping out you eyes
Epidermis starts to bulge
Kidneys turn to sludge

Nuclear casket
Radioactive grave

Pancreas starts to leak
Past your swollen lips
You're a mutated freak
Your face is on your hips
The spleen has started to rot
The radiation is so hot
Your stomach digests itself
Your body is your hell


Track Name: Plague Doctor
The stars are out
Shining high in the sky
The time has come for the world to die
But the blood splatters hide
The writing on the wall
Which says that disease will destroy us all
Going door to door
Tearing limb from limb
If you see my mask, then your future is grim
I am called The Plague Doctor
But a doctor I am not
After I fix you up your insides are sure to rot

The disease is contagious
You’re a slave to the plague
It spreads very quickly and turns your face grey
Your head may fall off
While you’re at the store
Too bad you don’t have your face anymore
I can turn you to liquid
Spreading is my occupation
Black death is spreading to every location
You have found a feast of humans
You may believe and were mislead
That it is possible to eat without a head

Rats shake their tails to taunt
As they gaze at what they’ve done
Regions wiped out, the survival chances are none
The streets are cracked
The plague is ending never
You think that you will escape but you’re trapped like that forever
You may notice strange lumps
The plague is diagnosed
When it is all over you’ll be dead or comatose
God will not save you now
He will never help you all
He died of the plague and it has been long since his fall
Track Name: Quivering Bloody Sushi
When I was a little child
I set out to kill the beast
But as my misfortune was
I was to become his feast
Father’s treasures he withholds
I would give my soul
But his table was prepared
And I ended in the bowl

I have become
Quivering bloody sushi
I have become
Bloody sushi
Bloody sushi

Onward to the dragon’s lair
I knew this may be my last breath
Beady eyes, breathing fire
Walking straight into my death
He opens up his great mouth
Roaring flames come out
Thinly sliced, I’m almost dead
His power I’ll never doubt


Interdimensional transcendence
As I prepare to join the dead
But with one last frantic swing
I lop off the dragon’s head
From his blood I take a sip
No treasures anywhere
Could this have been the wrong beast?
He is dead, lying there

He has become
Quivering bloody sushi
He has become
Bloody sushi
Track Name: Splattered Across the Highway
Mach 3 down the Interstate
Going slow is what I hate
A freight train cuts across my path
Road rage ignites my wrath
The windshield cracks against my head
I instantly fail Drivers’ Ed
My organs spill across the road
The gas tank of my car explodes

Splattered across the highway
Pedestrians, kiss my bumper

Around the world in just two hours
Rain the roads with bloody showers
As I fly up towards the sky
It is possible I could die
I land unconscious on the rails
Soon the train leaves gory trails
Instantly I am killed
Onto the tracks my viscera spilled




Splattered across the boulevard
Chunks of guts in people’s yards
Stomach acid dissolves the dirt
I didn’t have time to feel hurt
My carcass jammed inside my head
I then realize I’m not dead
Permanently imprinted in the street
So don’t drive drunk, and buckle your seat!

Track Name: Quizzical Leftovers
Track Name: Bolt Action Deliverance
Do you want to be shot dead?
They will put a .44 caliber bullet through your head
Hiding under your desk in class and you don’t know, why
You came to school but now it’s time to die

Turn a blind eye as hundreds of kids die
Every year
Deny that there’s a problem
We all live in fear
So blame the Mexicans
And build your border fence
Defending the law that doesn’t make any sense
Bolt action deliverance

Hallways lined with lives that might have been
Weapon used as a weapon, who could have possibly foreseen?
Blood wiped off the walls with the new dawn
No one mourns for you when you are gone


Your corporal punishment is capital punishment
Your corporal punishment is death
Your corporal punishment is capital punishment
Your corporal punishment is death

Bullets fly past as you run for the door
All it takes is one shot, then you see no more
People kill people, but guns kill people too
When you die no one cries for you


The floor is turning red
Instead of eating school lunch
You’ll be eating lead
Track Name: Arachnophile
I was put into a curse
That made my love for spiders worse
Four more limbs grew from my sides
And on my head, a thousand eyes
I spun my web for good measure
Catching spiders for my pleasure
Daddy long legs for my dinner
Yes, I am the master spinner

I am the arachnophile
I like to drink scorpion bile
I have abandoned my own
‘Cause when I’m with the spiders I’m at home

It all started when I was bitten
From then on, my fate was written
I was just a little child
Spiders started driving me wild
Such a mesmerizing spell
For this curse I’ll go to hell
Scorpions still drive me nuts
I dig in and suck their guts

I want ticks that will give me disease
That will poison my blood and bring me to my knees
I want to feel the itch in bed
While the arachnids dig into my head
I don’t need a human
To snivel, beg, and taunt;
When I’m looking for a partner
Eight legs is all I want


Venom injects into my skin
Turns me to sludge deep within
Human slushie for them to drink
My internal organs begin to shrink
Lay a sac of eggs to nest
I eat some but leave the rest
Descend to my web to die
I finally close my thousand eyes

I am the arachnophile
I like to drink scorpion bile
I have abandoned my own
I sacrifice myself to Satan

Ticks and mites and things that bite
Will poison my blood and ruin my sight
I want to feel them dig inside
And devour me after I’ve died
I don’t need a human
To worry me all the time
Spiders are my playmates
Until the day I die

Until the day I die
Until the day I die

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